The METOP GmbH will advise you on the introduction of FeatureIDE in your company, to assist you in managing software and its variability based on the techniques and capabilities of software product lines. This includes many facets, which focus on the initial situation, goals and needs of your company and its software environment. We advise you on the choice and use of the technology for product lines to improve the engineering process and solve problems in managing the variability of products. Therefore we provide support and expertise in modelling the variability with the help of FeatureIDE. This allows you to capture and manage the various products based on a single product line. FeatureIDE enables your company to trace individual features of a software environment starting from an idea, followed by modelling and implementation, until its selection during the product configuration. Furthermore the METOP GmbH guides you to discover hotspots in your software systems which cause trouble and high costs during the further development and leads you to overcome those pitfalls.

To reach a seamless integration into your development processes, the METOP GmbH analyses use cases for the application of FeatureIDE. Thereby we can archive a customization feature-oriented software development, which fits your demands.

The consulting permits a knowledge transfer parallel to the introduction and improvement of the development process. Your benefit in two ways: On the one hand the knowledge provided by the METOP GmbH, as a consulting partner, during the introduction of FeatureIDE is transferred into your hands. On the other hand the whole internal knowledge is transferred in a common knowledge base, for all your stakeholders, instead of being widespread scattered over lots of people or concentrated in single persons.
Additionally to the consulting for FeatureIDE the METOP GmbH provides knowhow and capabilities for the seamless integration of FeatureIDE into your existing software engineering process. This allows an iterative process, from analysing the initial situation, followed by the analysis of possible applications and the specialization/customization of FeatureIDE till the successful deployment of FeatureIDE as the main development tool. These steps lead to the creation of variants of a software system based on the usage of technologies of feature-oriented software development.

The METOP GmbH acts as a supporter to introduce FeatureIDE into the engineering environment of your company. The range and aspects of this process depend on the given situation and the improvements, which you plan to be archived. The procedure is soft and customer centric to reach a solid and determined change-over of the development process in your company.

The integration also contains a specialization of FeatureIDE itself. The development environment contains a wide set of functional modules that cover for example feature modelling or different implementation techniques like composing mechanisms and pre-processors. After analysing the development process of your company, we support you to choose the right components. Furthermore the METOP provides the expertise to apply modifications to FeatureIDE, which are specifically developed for your company.
FeatureIDE allows the addition of new functionalities based on the extensible plugin principles of the underlying Eclipse framework. Beside the currently existing module set, the METOPs scope contains expertise to modify FeatureIDE to reach seamless integration into existing software environments. Therefore it's possible to adopt existing processes or tool chains, which are already in use.